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Some Tips on How to Minimize Your Expenses When Getting Married

It is no secret that wedding preparations will get you into many expenses. Precisely because a wedding marks the start of the life of a couple, and thus this justifies the expenses they are willing to take. Sometimes, couples would splurge on their dress, suit, cakes, venues, photographers and so on, and find themselves lacking money for the next important event which is their honeymoon. It is therefore recommended that you set your wedding budget based on how much you can afford to spend. By budgeting, you can decide on what choices you will make and what are really important on your wedding day. To make your wedding special and more personal even if you do not have to spend a lot of money, there are some suggestions on how you can cut down costs.

A huge part in a wedding are the flowers, and reasonably so because the bride carries them, the reception is bedecked with them, and the place of the ceremony will be empty without them. But fortunately you can still minimize the cost for your flowers. One way is to use fake flowers, but choose ones that look real and still get the effect of real flowers that you desire. Another way is to pick wild flowers, especially if your motif is the boho style, and you will still get the charm and mystery of your motif. Imagine wild fresh flowers as the bouquet for a bohemian bride, the natural charm they add to your reception, and the calmness they bring in the area where you will have your wedding ceremony.

The invitations are another high cost on your wedding. Usually the costs would start in your beautiful paper, having them printed and the mailing of these to friends and relatives. You could have spend zero on invitations if you can just message it or email it, but this sounds too drastic and sad, so your alternative would be to be creative in your invitation. Note that guests do appreciate handmade invites as memento. So you can start by making your own wedding invitation, maybe put your pictures on it and add some unique materials for accent. c

Another aspect of your wedding that can add to the costs is the wedding cake. One way to lower your cost is, instead of a tiered wedding cake, you can do away with this and just opt for another style. Others would make a dessert bar composed of different small slices or cups of cakes and guests can make their own mix.

Weddings should be made less stressful especially for the couple, less wasteful, and not so expensive, but at the same time make the event the most memorable first step of a couple’s life together.